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Larry Kahl is more than a cowboy, he's an artist. His metal silhouettes decorate Heart River Stables as well as many other ranches and homes across the United States. The designs focus on western scenes, cowboys, horses, and wildlife. They range in size from small wall hangings to a full-size bull moose.

The top of this page shows a scene mounted on the top of the large horse runs. It welcomes visitors to the stables and is a beautiful example of Larry's work.

At the bottom of this page is Larry's memorial to his father, Buddy. He spent several months creating more than twenty silhouettes that are displayed on a hilltop ridge behind the stables.

On the more practical side of his designs, Larry creates signs, ranch entrance gateways, stairwell railings, and grooming stations for miniature horses.

If you would like to talk to Larry or send him a message, Click Here.

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